# Notta User Guide

From recording to share the conversations, learn how Notta works from top to bottom.

# 1. Notta real-time transcription of recording

Notta can transcribe to the text in real time after the recording starts. The lines will be switched automatically based on intonation or pause in tone. You could scroll the page to see the whole content of the text, or tap the arrow above or scroll the page to collapse the current recording page then do other operations.

Notta supports 104 transcription languages. If you want to change the language of real- time transcription, you can go to “Settings” in Notta then change the transcription languages you want.

During the real-time transcription, you can tap into full-screen mode to focus on the transcribed text and contents, and you can set the font size for easy viewing by yourself or other people.

Inserting images, audio marks and sharing the text with others are supported during the real-time transcription.

# 2. Create folder

In order to categorize the conversation in a convenient way, you can create a folder by taping menu button of the page.

You can start recording inside the folder you created, then the conversation will automatically belong to this folder; the conversation can be moved and placed in other specified folder.

Besides these,you can also change the name or color of the folder to make the folders easier to manage and distinguish.

# 3. Import audio file for transcription

Notta supports importing audio files for transcription.

After subscribing, tap the [Import Audio] button at the top right of the page to select the audio file you want to transcribe.

Notta transcription supports the audio format such as .wav / .mp3 / .m4a / .caf / .aiff / .aac

The time taken for this process is affected by the size of the audio file and the current network environment.

# 4. Conversation details after recording

After recording or audio file transcription, a conversation record is generated in the current folder. By taping it, you can edit, export, share, search, etc in the conversations.

Tap the 【Edit】button to enter the editing mode which you can add, delete, replace not only the words but also other operations in the conversation. The current editing results will be synchronized into cloud after saving, to ensure that you can browse and edit the latest conversations on your computer or smart phone at any time and anywhere!

Tap the 【More】button to find out more features, such as sharing the transcription results to friends, copying text to the clipboard, export files, etc.

Notta supports exporting text files in 5 different formats, including TXT, DOCX, SRT, PDF and Audio.

# 5. Text search for Notta transcription conversation

Local audio recordings can be played anywhere but if you get the conversation detail via cloud sync, the text and audio data need to be downloaded, which may take some time depending on the audio file size and current network environment.

Tap the【Search】button at the top of the conversation to find the text you wnat; similarly, tap a keyword can quickly locate it in content.

# 6. Notta cloud sync for data

Notta supports cloud sync of your account data so you can get the updated data about your conversation audio, edits, saved text, images, audio tags, etc., no matter where you log in to your account.

You can use the Notta App or other hardware devices such as Summit or Genesis, to record your conversation and log in to your computer to edit your conversation contents.

Please remind that logging into an account for the first time on a new device, it may take some time to retrieve the data. The time required depends on the size of data and current network environment.

# 7. Inserting images in conversations

In order to enrich the information for you. Notta not only supports audio recording transcribing, but also provides the function of adding pictures in recording and conversation details, you can take photos or select existing pictures of album to add to the current recording or conversations.

Click the【insert picture】button on the recording page like this.

You can long tap the picture to delete during recording.

Double click or long tap an important text in the conversations to trigger the selection for inserting picture.

Click the image can locate the position in the content.

# 8. Audio Marks in Notta

In order to avoid missing an important moment in the recording, notta provides audio marks function;

you can click the audio mark when recording to the important moment, and Notta will locate and record this moment for you.

After recording, enter into the conversations and click the【More】button ,the mark list, to enter the mark list option to locate and trace the important moments during the recording.

# 9. Notta transcription content live share

Click the【Share】button on the recording page to share the real-time transcribed results of the current recording to others.

You can open the sharing link through your mobile phone or PC to browse the transcription result in real time. This process lasts until the end of recording.

Even if your friends are not with you, through the sharing real-time transcription function,people who are shared can also view the text results in real time at any time.

# 10. Custom setting function in Notta

Notta provides various customization options. You can access them by taping the sidebar that pops up in the top left corner of the page.

For example, you can choose the app display language here, includes Simple Chinese, English, Japanese, and Traditional Chinese

You can also set the font size of the content so that you don't have to worry the font size is too small for you.

Here you can also provide your valuable opinions or feedback on the problems you encounter in the process of using notta.

Notta attach great importance to your feedback, please feel free to contact「support@langogo.ai 」for any problems while using App. We will reply you as soon as possible.

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